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How It All Started...

It began with a racehorse with bad feet.

In 2003, a multiple Graded Stakes-winning racehorse named Forest Music was having a terrible time with her feet. Her farrier needed to think "outside the box" and find a way to attach a shoe with minimal interference with the mechanics of the hoof. After extensive studies of the movement of lateral cartilages when the hoof bears weight, as well as evaluation of x-rays and cadaver feet, a revolutionary horseshoe was created. Another decade of pursuing and tweaking the design has led to today's patented Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes, co-founded by farriers Pat Broadus and Matt Spoerlein.


A Better Way To Shoe Horses.


It's time for the next generation in horseshoes.

Traditional horseshoes, whether applied with nails or glue, have drawbacks which can affect the long-term health of a horse's foot as well as performance. Nails create small holes, damaging and weakening hooves over time. But most glue-on shoes lock in the back of the horse's foot with glue, restricting the heels from being able to flex and absorb the shock of each footfall. It's time for a change.

Why Use Hantons?


• Ideal for racing, sport & therapeutic use.

From the racetrack to the international competition arena, more and more equestrians are choosing Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes to help their horses perform at their best.

• Safest & healthiest way to shoe.

No more nails! Hantons maintain hoof integrity and strength time after time, and have been described as a "game changer for the long-term health of horses' hooves."

• A better way to glue on shoes.

Glue is injected into our patented plastic "blisters" over specially designed metal tabs attached to each horseshoe. Then, the adhesive dries and sets with the hoof on the ground and weight-bearing (not held up in the air) for a natural, correct fit, and no glue "locking in" the heels!

• Innovative & patented design.

Since adhesive is only applied over tabs on the front half of the shoe and the heels aren't "locked in" with glue, this allows the back of the horse's foot to flex and absorb concussion the way nature intended.

• Proven performance stands the test of time.

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes stay secure and stand up to the demands of performance as long as (if not longer than) traditional shoes.

• Easy to apply!

We take the stress out of gluing on horseshoes! Our application time is comparable to nail-on shoes, and faster than many other glue-on products - making life easier for both horses and farriers!