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Better Than Traditional Horseshoes


Developed by farriers who realized there had to be a better way to shoe horses.

With their elegant and innovative design, patented blister system, and remarkable ease of use, Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes represent the next generation in hoof protection for horses of all breeds and disciplines from the racetrack to the show ring, as well as for therapeutic use.

"Glue-on shoes are often thought of as only being used for horses with 'bad feet.' We want to change that. With Hanton Horseshoes, we hope to make glue-on shoes mainstream. We want this to be the new 'normal' way to shoe horses." - Co-Founder Pat Broadus

Join the Revolution!

How Do They Work?


Our innovative application method is so cool, it's patented! See why Hantons are a better option for protecting horses' feet.

Our Product Line


With a full line-up of steel & aluminum shoes plus supplies, we've got everything you need to apply Hantons.

Who Uses Hantons?


More and more farriers and horse owners in racing and sport are choosing Hanton Horseshoes for their equine athletes.

See For Yourself!


Ready to try Hantons? Watch our how-to videos as well as tips for application on our YouTube channel!

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